06 Feb

Regular maintenance of your car is essential for it to be efficient, reliable, safe and less polluting. It is not necessarily carried out by the manufacturer, but must be carried out within the allotted time.
ROUTINE Maintenance Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle in good condition. It concerns the bodywork: cleaning and repair. Checking the engine oil, steering fluid and coolant levels is also part of this routine maintenance.
You should also check the battery, wear and tire pressure to better preserve your automobile. A small cleaning of the interior of the vehicle such as the floor mats, the interior windows is also necessary. You can opt for a car cleaning without water.
Don't forget to change the wiper blades, especially during the summer. Consider replacing your car accessories like fuses, burnt out bulbs, headlights, etc. Also check the air conditioning of your vehicle.
THE Repair Even after performing maintenance on your vehicle, you still break down. You have the option of changing damaged parts yourself or calling in a professional in the field.
Contact auto centres if you are looking for wear parts such as brakes, suspensions, batteries, etc. They offer a cheaper rate than the manufacturers. You can contact this professional even without an appointment.
Auto repairs can also repair your car. They deal with any brand. You have the choice between auto repairs linked to a brand or not.
Dealers can also provide you with auto repair work. They offer you original or spare parts. You also benefit from revisions or organ maintenance packages.
The cost of auto maintenance and repair depends on its age, warranty, the price of labor and spare parts to be replaced. It also varies depending on the nature of the repair: simple, complicated or medium.

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